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Before browsing our website give our S4LT puppy time to clean your screenSmile 


Welcome to our website.

Feel free to browse our pages and visit our Facebook link on the left hand side of the page; click on the icon. Twitter is also available @S4LT_ELITE and do not miss out on our videos that are posted on YouTube. Underneath is an introduction that can be viewed regarding the clan. Remember to like as well as subscribe to all our channels. Many thanks Francois Jacobs

Xbox one 3d console view

press and hold click while rotating the screen to see this awesome new Xbox one Console

Ps4 Console

click on the image and hold in the click to rotate the image to have a look at the Ps4 console Enjoy

Our Teazer Montage of the PS3 Crew

Enjoy this video many more to come!!!!!

Our Very own S4LT Song performed By Ffactor


Yes yes you have read right we upgraded from a normal online gaming clan to a Organisation sports team.

We cater for Playstation, Xbox and PC and any other Sport out their

We have the following sport's in S4LT

- Esport Playstaion3 Clan called S4LT ELITE they are specializing in Call of duty Serries online (20+ Members)

- Xbox soon!!!!

- PC clan called S4LT they specialize in the game called World of Tanks

- PC clan called S4LT they sepecialize in the game called World of Thunder

- Pc Call of duty serries soon!!!!!!!

We also have a BASS FISHING team called Team S4LT

- Run By Flipie Nortje (son) and Japie Nortje (Father)





Online gaming clan?


What is it all about?


In video gaming if it’s a pc or console (PS3 or Xbox) that is being used, a clan is an organised group of players regularly play together in particular (or various) multiplayer games. Some people might say that a "Clan" becomes like a family, and that all opinions and decisions represent each single member in the "Clan"


These games range from groups of a few friends to 1000+ person organizations, with a broad range of structure, goals and members. The life span of a clan also varies considerably, from a few weeks or a month to over a decade. Numerous clans exist for nearly every online game available today, notably in first person shooter, massively multiplayer games, role playing video games, and strategy games.


Gaming in South-Africa has become more and more popular in the new era of the youngster. Age range of online players start at 12 year old and also include the older gender players men and ladies, the oldest player online I met was at an age of 51.


Technology progress so fast in modern life style that online gaming have been seen as a sport to be also competitive in the MGL tournaments and DGL tournaments that’s being held over sea.


The online community in South-Africa have a massive growth in online gaming, that mweb are currently hosting a ladder for tournaments online. So far 53 clan’s in South-Africa have entered the PS3 and 43 Clans have entered the Xbox ladder. Each clan consist out of 4 players.

We need support from the community to get this sport televisioned and also clan’s need sponsors. To play online gaming cost allot of funds and time and dedication from members. 


What does S4LT stand for?


The Origin of S4LT: The name S4LT comes from the combination S4L (Soldiers for Life) and Team (Which signifies our unity).


About S4LT?


S4LT was formed by the Leader, Francois Jacobs. His intentions with this clan was to create a team with a foundation and marketing structure, to support  the more advanced online players whom does not belong to a clan and wants to showcase their skill as well as their talent.

This clan will be online on various online Playstation and Xbox supportive network games that involve multiplayer.

Mainly first person shooter games such as Call of duty and the Battlefield series (PS3 and Xbox)


This Clan will be seen everywhere online and offline!!!!!!!!!


To join the clan visit our join section and fill out a form and submit your application today!!!!!!!.



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